Not just an ordinary crowd pleaser

March 3, 2017


Not just an ordinary crowd pleaser

2013 was the golden age for EDM, which started the ascent of the rave culture here in Manila, luckily Stephen Vinson Chua or also known as DJ Vinzon Verdan was one of them. He started to drop some tracks during 2014 and kicked it off with his performance in STRASUC at SLSU.

DJ Vinzon made his way to the music industry with his eargasmic beats putting anyone into an inescapable trance. With his versatility in mixing different genres and his exceptional beatmatching skill, his music will leave you wanting for more.

His inspiration comes from the connection he feels with the people who share the same love and passion for EDM.


Listen to his tracks at mixcloud.com/vinchuaa and get the lastest update of his upcoming performances through his facebook page fb.com/djvinzonverdan.

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