Equipt & Co.: Modernizing the Kitchen

June 17, 2017


Equipt & Co.: Modernizing the Kitchen

Equipt & Co. is a local brand that offers knife bags and aprons with hand-picked materials to provide a decent and fashionable products. The brand was founded by Julia Sy an Entrepreneur and Francis Faraon a Private Chef. The idea was to create  premium quality products at an affordable price for professional chefs, students and people loves to spend their time in the kitchen.

Equipt & Co.’s flagship product is their leather knife bag that consist of 8 knife slots in different sizes to make sure that your knives are safely intact while travelling. They used suede lining for the interior of the bag to protect your knifes and leather for the exterior for an easy clean and to give it a more premium look. The bag isn’t just for your knives, it can also be used for your beloved utensils!

Equipt & Co. released an apron earlier this year and people loved it! The apron is equipped with 4 pockets and is made with canvas used in bags and ballistic nylon matched with leather straps to withstand heavy-duty usage. Now you can also bring your extra knives because the apron can easily turn into a knife roll!

Don’t miss out on their promo! You can get a 30% off on the “Beetroot” Apron/Knife roll when you buy 2 Knife bags. You can also view their products on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t hesitate to message them because they are very friendly!

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  1. Johna lisa

    I want to avail the black apron asap

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