Live Like in The 50’s in This Airbnb Place!

July 31, 2018


Live Like in The 50’s in This Airbnb Place!

CLASSIC. The best way to describe this place found in Paco, Manila. This comfy home will totally make you feel like you’re really living in the 50’s.

Owned by Greg, from California US, he has been happily living here in the country for almost 30 years. His passion is all about discovering the beautiful places and culture in the Philippines. Now that he found an elegant home here in the metro, he made the choice to show this place to the world.
From exquisite furniture down to its sturdy home foundation, it will absolutely make you feel proud to be a Filipino!

Coco’s Garden Guest Room Manila is located at
1238-B Penafrancia Street Extension, Paco District Manila

Founder of STREETVIBE.
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