Rice Lucido: Nature of the Soul

April 9, 2017


Rice Lucido: Nature of the Soul

Rice Lucido, an artist/musician who uses her soft and gentle voice with intimate folk music in connecting through the soul of people. Her journey in arts started at an early age and she would use her spare time in doing paintings and writing songs. She uses her experiences in nature as inspiration in creating music and artworks.

“Music is something I see bigger than words and pictures. It is an abstract communication that pierces through our skin, flows in our veins and hits our soul exactly how we should feel it. It is what unites us all in one experience that’s sacred, intimate and personal. It’s like, through music, we get to understand one another without saying a word or making an action.”

“Just by listening and accepting the frequencies of genuine sounds we get to come into one full circle. It is telling and listening to a story in a different form. That’s why people should keep listening, keep searching, keep creating because in those journeys to different spectrums of sound you will find what touches one most.”


Rice made her debut at Fête de la Musique back in 2015 alongside Adinkra Lumas Djembe Community, Kartel Lion and the Scouts, Contra-GaPi other known artist in music scene in recognition of World Music Day. She also performed in Ginsiyaman Art and Music Festival, it’s an event filled with diverse collection of musicians from all over country to celebrate the rebuilding and recovery of Tacloban and Leyte after the devastation caused by Typhoon Yolanda back in late 2013.

“It is what unites us all in one experience that’s sacred, intimate and personal.”

“As to supporting OPM, people should be informed that OPM and other kinds of sounds throughout the world have this distinct sound and style that show evidences on where we have, why we have, and how we have come across with our experiences. So for me OPM is how a Filipino tell a story of his origin, experiences and whatnot through music whether it be in Filipino or English. So keep searching, keep listening and keep creating because as a Maharlikan (Filipino) you have every right to give back to your motherland and that is, at least, through music. Know your roots, know your own sound.

Rice is currently working on her EP which is set to launch later this year. Get updates about her EP and upcoming gigs by following her Facebook and listen to her song here.


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