New Age Gypsy: Jewelry Brand That Aims to Inspire and Empower Women And Men

September 4, 2017


New Age Gypsy: Jewelry Brand That Aims to Inspire and Empower Women And Men

With tassels being the trendiest ear hanger nowadays, we decided to pick out one of the local brands that standout–one that differs from the rest. This is the New Age Gypsy.

The Story

Street and boho is not your typical combo, but that didn’t stop Bella Jaeger, New Age Gypsy’s girl boss, from infusing the two. With her friend Bea as her source of inspiration, the brand’s story started in 2015 where Thailand gave her beautiful pieces of jewellery for her to take home. For an inspiration, Ann Marie Hoang’s look is what Bella’s aiming for–the ratchet girl in boho. Now working closely with a partner in Thailand in putting together the color, the look, and the feels of each design before a well-curated New Age Gypsy piece is born. This is exactly why the brand stands out: the aesthetic. This is why we’re calling on the new travellers, the new wanderers, and the millennial nomads–here’s a brand just for you. Immersing the Filipino culture and the ethnic boho look, the notion for boho in the sea is out cause boho in the street is in. Suit up with your favorite shirt and sneaks, spice it up with a New Age Gypsy piece, and you’re ready to rock the streets.

The Goal & Advocacy

The goal is to never bore their followers. Their tassels are their best sellers but they know that soon enough, the tassel phase will die down. Nonetheless, the New Age Gypsy promises to constantly cook up something new, something fresh, and something gypsy. Not just to make their customers flashy and beautiful, but their goal also to inspire and empower not only women but men as well. Even if their designs are light and feminine, New Age Gypsy’s encourage men to rock it and inspire others. The brand advocates power and confidence for anyone who is wearing their huge fan earrings or making one’s unique sound with every strut from the bells from their anklets.

The Message

Keep innovating by never sticking to just one look. Fashion constantly changes, so one has to ride with the fashion wave. So never be boring and they is always confidence. New Age Gypsy says always put one piece of jewellery to your everyday look. *wink*

As for Bella’s parting words: This is for everyone. Filipino men and women, and everyone around the world. I wish that New Age expands and gets known globally, so we can all share the gypsy vibe.

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