Pahina Uno: 2nd EP Launch

September 1, 2017


Pahina Uno: 2nd EP Launch

With the success of Rice Lucido’s Pahina Uno 1st  EP Launch last July 27 at Mow’s and  we know that it was far from over as we were headed to its 2nd leg which was held last August 19 at Conspiracy Garden Café in Quezon City. Here’s a fun fact, Conspiracy is one of Rice’s favorite places to play and being given the opportunity to have her EP launch was priceless.

The opening performance for the 2nd leg of the EP launch was no other Coeli San Luis, a cellist and singer-songwriter. She started her journey in the music scene since 2015 and has released her first single and music video “Magkaibigan o Magkaibigan” last August 2016.

Due to the rain, it was quite a challenge to get to the venue, but it didn’t stop Ian Penn from coming and celebrating the 2nd leg of Pahina Uno.  Ian also performed at the 1st launch which contributed a lot to its success that night.

More and more people came as the rain stopped and it was just in time for the main event. While the band was preparing for Rice’s set, they played a few covers along with her dad. After that, the room was filled with positive energy which gave Rice a lovely set.

The next band was ALPAS, this was no ordinary band as they utilize a wide range of musical instruments from different cultures around the world to create an eclectic Filipino sound which promotes peace and love for our country’s culture, arts, and music.

The next performer was no other than Ja Quintana an ethnic jazz singer who was also a part of ALPAS. She aims to show people the beauty of ethnic music fused with jazz. Her 1st EP: PADAYON was released last May 5, 2017.

To see more of the action, you can check out our highlight video below!

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