Pebrero by Rice Lucido – A Song For The Impact Foolish Love Leaves Us

August 6, 2017


Pebrero by Rice Lucido – A Song For The Impact Foolish Love Leaves Us

Fresh after the first leg of her EP tour, Rice Lucido is back with us with one of the four songs from Pahina Uno. If you missed her first EP launch, it’s not too late as there are three more to come: 

The song for today is Pebrero, titled after the month where the singer-songwriter’s best friend finally learned to let go of a love that played games. The song is exactly that: a playful rhythm and tone accompanied by Rice’s soulful voice.

A song written about her best friend’s relationship with a guy who just played with her feelings, Rice wrote this song with her best friend, over at her best friend’s place. I guess you could say that inspiration grew from that place and unexpectedly. Rice was playing with random chords on her guitar when she came up with the rhythm.

Among all the four tracks on the EP, Pebrero focuses on the relationship of two potential lovers. Pebrero is for how big of an impact love leaves us – no matter how foolish and no matter how much of it was all just fun and games.

Pahina Uno symbolizes in one way, growth thus, the flowers and plants blooming on its album artwork and Pebrero shows that – how we are able to grow from all the things that happen to us. Any one of us who has experienced foolish love can attest to that. To growing from it, out of it and learning to let go of “love” that just plays with our hearts.

You can check out Rice Lucido’s page here.

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