This is Elle Paragas; Photographer

July 18, 2018


This is Elle Paragas; Photographer

With the rising number of photographers today in various categories like street, portrait, and
music. Elle Paragas, a 22 year old photographer, shows her love for the art by showing her
unique self through every creation.

At an early age, Dennelle was already watching from behind the scenes thanks to her mother, a
media practitioner. TV productions sets were her playground and the crew members were her

She always loved being in the studios, which in time would eventually influence her chosen
career path and make her take up BA Communications in Miriam College.

College was the peak of discovery for her passion and love for film. She decided to pursue it
and eventually got a chance to direct two films where she won an award as Best Director and
Best in Cinematography for the film LENTE, along with other nominations. But in every highs
there are lows. During her third year in college, she got sick and had to stop from directing thus
halting her from pursuing her dreams.

After graduating she got a stable job in a major TV network where she met her boyfriend who

sparked the old passion for her. He introduced her to artists that eventually became her
inspirations like TA-KU, and Karen dela Fuente. At first, it was all for Instagram, until she
brought her camera to her boyfriend’s gigs and decided why not? Why not start in pursuing
another dream? Why not start photography? At first, it was just a hobby, she was too scared to
pursue it since it was hard and people find it hard to believe in her too.

Now, she collaborates with other photographers, models, and takes photos of musicians


She still has some struggles in getting the approval of the people around her, she’s still waiting
for them to see that there is something in what she does.
But even though its a long and tough road before a photographer gets recognized, she still
strives hard to be known for her own craft. She puts her own personality in every photograph
that she takes, and like a painter, she adds the right colors and hues hoping that the photos she
makes would communicate to the right people and touch their heart.

IG | Twitter: @elleparagas

Founder of STREETVIBE.
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