Tomorrow’s Second Collection

April 22, 2017


Tomorrow’s Second Collection

Tomorrow is a clothing brand owned by designers, Tim Lopez and Andrew Panopio. The two of them would usually spend their time together thrift shopping, which gave them the idea to start their own clothing brand. As what Andrew said “We are interested with what attracted us exactly to fashion and design. Then we thought, we could do that. We’re both designers, why not give it a try. I bet it’s going to be fun.”

Tomorrow would set-up a gig to mark the launch of a new line of shirts including a gig shirt to commemorate the debut of the collection. Andrew explained to us the essence of the gig shirt to the collection. “We were pretty sure that we wanted to make a gig shirt, that idea came from one thing, for Tomorrow to be more sincere and to be more connected to what we actually liked doing. So we thought let’s have a gig, let’s make a gig shirt every time we have a launch. And following that kind of passion for what you feel is right, I think that’s our direction so far.”

The second collection of Tomorrow focused more on wild, liberating and free approach with more animal like designs in response to 2016 for being a bad year. From a two-headed fire-breathing dragon-liken duck, cats, dogs and even lobsters.

“We are really interested in what kind of character you can get from animals.” Andrew says “Tomorrow is supposed to be something that you don’t think about too much as you come up with the best s*** when you’re inspired.”

Tomorrow’s future is something to look forward to with upcoming collaborations and gigs for the next line. With Tomorrow having designs that can be worn flexibly and comfortably, you would know that they’re on the right track onto achieving their goals.

“We want to try collaborating with more people and try to expand on what Tomorrow is about.” Andrew says “When we go about making designs for Tomorrow, it should be a creative expression, it should be something that you just feel strongly about and I’m sure that kind of creativity and inspiration will just communicate into a t-shirt.”

To check out the second line of Tomorrow, click here.

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