The Basic Collection by Tuff Turts

March 11, 2017


The Basic Collection by Tuff Turts

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uff Turts was established as a result of increasing threats towards the marine life due to smuggling and climate change.

It was founded by Clo Uy and Frankie Lam, by sharing the same love for marine life, they came up with the idea of starting an advocacy in saving sea turtles (pawikan).

Tuff Turts is in partnership with Save Philippine Sea, an organization that aims to protect the country’s rich but threatened marine and coastal resources through information, education, communication activities and community-based projects.

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Tuff Turts message is simple:

We are all responsible in taking care of our environment. Let’s not wait until all of our oceans and seas are lifeless before we take action.

Save sea turtles and support marine life by purchasing Tuff Turts products, a part of their proceeds goes to Save Philippine Sea. Follow their Facebook page and Instagram.

Check out the video of their collection!

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