We Compared the 3 Best Unlimited KBBQs in Manila!

January 26, 2019


We Compared the 3 Best Unlimited KBBQs in Manila!

Unlimited Korean BBQ restaurants have been opening everywhere lately and most of them are very similar to each other. Surely, all of us want to experience the best out there. 

Join us in exploring the 3 prominent restaurants in Manila:
Samgyupsalamat – 삼겹살라맛 — 1:03
낭만돼지 Romantic Baboy — 4:20
Premier the Samgyupsal – Banawe Branch — 7:49

Let us know which one’s your favorite KBBQ place below!

We will rate and judge them one by one to find out which of them is really the one worthy to be called the ultimate unlimited Korean bbq experience.

Winner at 11:48

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One Comment
  1. Jenna

    i like th premier samgyupsal, ive tried it b4 in tomas morato.. then romantic baboy..

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